Gear List

Molotov Gear List


TL Audio Ivory 5051 (tube pre/comp/eq)
ART MPA Gold tube pre (4 channels)
Presonus M80 (8 channels)

AD/DA Conversion:

Pro Tools HD
MOTU HD192 (24 channels i/o)



Pearl CC22
Rode NT5 x 2
Rode NT1-A
Rode NT1
Shure SM57 x 3
Shure Beta57
AKG D112
Audix D4
Audix D2
PZM x 2
Various Apex, Beyerdynamic, Audix


KRK Rokit 5
Yamaha NS10


Behringer 4 channel headphone amp
Various AKG and Sennheiser headphones
Various guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, cymbals, tube amps, samplers/sequencers, effects pedals

Guitars and Amps
Epiphone Gothic Les Paul (Customized with Bill Lawrence L500xl pickups)
Epiphone Gothic Flying V (Customized with Bill Lawrence L500 pickups)
Fender Strat (Customized with DiMarzio Tone bone BR, Fastrack 1 MID, Fastrack 2 NECK)
Fender Telecaster

We also have a collection of high end guitars including Strats and Les Pauls, many of them vintage.

VHT Pitbull Classic 100W Head
VHT Pitbull Combo 50W
Soldano Decatone
Fender Blue Junior
Trace Elliott Combo (Tweed)
Line 6 Original 100W

Speaker selections include multiple 4×12 with 25,30,35 and 75 Watt Celestion Speakers, plus 1×12, 2×12, 1×15 cabs.

Mesa-Boogie 400+ Tube Head
Mesa-Boogie Power House Junior Cab
1×15 fitted with altec

Pedals Etc
Line 6 Pod XT Live
Line 6 Bass Pod
VOX reissue Wah
Boss Chorus
Boss EQ
Ross Phaser
MXR Phase 90
Golden Throat Talk Box (yeah, THE Frampton one!)

House 5 piece DW Kit with Gibraltar rack

Yorkville 6 Channel Head
Community 15 + Horn Speakers (x2)
Yorkville 2×10 + horn Wedges (x2)

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